Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trip to the cabin!

We went to my friend Kisha's families cabin and we always have so much fun. here's a shooting pellet guns. Davis loves the guns and wanted to help me shoot it. we also shot 22's and shot guns, i was proud because i hit two clay pigeons.
Here's Davis fishing. He really likes to fish but it was funny because he got a fishing pole for christmas but refused to use it. he didn't want the fish to get it dirty or it to get wet. lol funny kid. sadly everyone caught a fish but we could never catch one.

they had this cute little green four wheeler and he loved to drive it.

but most of all he loved jumping on the tramp. he would jump morning to night if i would have let him.

Here's us on our four wheeler. we had such a blast he was so sad to leave.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Davis's Graduation

Davis had a really cute program for his preschool graduation. Except he was so shy he would only sit on my lap on the side of the stage, but it was still really fun to see what he's been learning at school. here's a picture with the proud parents.
he wouldn't wear his cap so i wore it instead. what a little turkey!

this is his best friend Brody

We finally got him to sit in the chair! yay! maybe next year he'll actually sing.

here's a cute little video of them singing a pirates song. its so adorable.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter fun!

We had such a fun Easter! this year we did something different and went to a petting zoo thing. We also did a Easter egg hunt which is the picture above. He's looking so old now.
Here's Davis and I waiting for the train they had there.

He was really nervous at first to touch the animals so he would barely pet this cute calf but then he finally warmed up to all the other ones.

Here's him holding all by himself a baby turtle. they had so many animals. chicks, ducklings, calves, turtles, bunnies, ponies, and you could actually hold all of them.

Such a cutie pie. this bunny was so sweet, it just curled into a ball and just laid there. all the others people had were trying to jump out of there arms. they were for sell and i kept wanting to take it home. i want to go this place every year.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goblin Valley!

We went down to goblin valley for spring break and had so much fun. one of my families favorite places to go. it was a little windy but we were still able to do all the hiking, four wheeling, and all that fun stuff. summer can't come soon enough.
Here's davis playing in the goblins, we loved playing hide and go seek and hiking all over

taking a bath in the camper. he's about out grown it but he's just so dang cute in it. sad for his clean freak mom.

Stopped to go to the bathroom and stood up and there was this dead mouse in the side of the cliff. no idea how it got there, but scared me half to death. davis thought it was so funny when i told him.

We did a hike in little wild horse and we did about 4 miles and davis did about 3 all by himself before i had to carry him. he's already going to be a good hiker. he loves the whole hiking and camping thing. i can't believe how old he is getting, memories like this are the ones i'll always remember.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Disney on ice!

Its been almost a year since i blogged so i thought it was maybe time. So this one is for you jani! I thought it would be really fun to go to Disney on ice, i loved it so much when i was a kid. Does anyone remember when they used to do like a whole movie for Disney on ice? i remember seeing peter pan and beauty and the beast. so anyway last friday we decided to go. We had so much fun, its worth every penny when you see them clapping and waving to the characters.
i got him one thing and of course he picked the buzz lightyear sword.

my sister is taking the picture but here's Davis, me, Kisha, and mel's friend Bailey

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt!

Every year my work has an easter egg hunt and davis was old enough to go. he loved finding the eggs but wanted to stop and open them to eat the candy. he's got some brinkerhoff in him (were all candyholics). what a cute boy! we hope everyone has a wonderful easter.
His full basket eggs and candy to last us a lifetime

here he is eating some the candy and sharing it with the residents at work.

finding more eggs and having to hold half of them

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Day!

Here's Davis on his new bike. He loved it and had to try it even though he was sick.

My brother with his coal that he got for being on the naughty list

Davis in his new tent
and going through the tunnel that came with it too. We had a really fun christmas even though davis had croup and went to instacare. he still was really happy and enjoyed christmas.